Logistics and transportation

How your goods reach you safely.

  • In order to be able to ensure the optimal protection of the products during transportation, suitable weather protection for the vehicle should be considered. We recommend loose tarpaulins are carried or lorries with tarpaulins are used directly.
  • Unloading at an intermediate storage site or the construction site may only take place using suitable chain hoists. Long components should generally only be unloaded using spreader bars. Particular attention should be paid to protecting the package edges. These should be protected against mechanical damage, particularly during unloading.
  • Storage at a construction site or outdoors over a prolonged period of time should be avoided. If this cannot be avoided, it is essential to protect all components from moisture, soiling and solar radiation. In general, the packages should be stored with a slight gradient and covered with rainproof, well-ventilated textile tarpaulins to protect against storms. Factory-fitted package coverings should be opened immediately on the front face of the component packages for ventilation purposes.
  • If moisture is ascertained in the component packages, the individual panels are to be laid out with sufficient distance between them for good ventilation in order to ensure that they dry immediately. Otherwise, white rust formation may occur, which cannot be removed and leads to destruction of the profile panels!
  • Prolonged interim storage should generally only take place in closed, dry premises. Galvanised, coated and perforated steel profiles should not be stored outdoors or subjected to significant temperature differences, so that no white rust can develop in the bearings of holes.
  • Components with protective film should be mounted immediately. The protective film is to be removed directly before or after assembly, depending on the construction site conditions. Components with protective film may never be exposed to solar radiation over a prolonged period.
  • In the event of interim storage on the roof, it is essential to ensure that the roof construction is not overloaded by the storage of the package. Component packages should always be deposited on the purlins near the trusses. The packages should be immediately secured against storms and wind.

Further information on loading and transportation can also be found under Download: “Important information, guidelines, colours, etc.”"