Corrugated profiles

Corrugated profiles made from steel and aluminium

Corrugated profiles made from steel and aluminium are primarily used as design components. Corrugated profile are suited for wall cladding for single-leaf wall mounting or as external leaf of a double-leaf wall construction with steel cassette profiles. Corrugated profile panels can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Aluminium or steel corrugated profile M 18/76 by Münker Metallprofile GmbH help you to bring out architectonic highlights for cladding of buildings.

Corrugated profile made from aluminium and steel in proven Münker quality

The quality of our products is very important to us. Permanent internal and external monitoring guarantee our known quality. Also sinus corrugated profile panels are static components. We perform a type testing approved by building authorities for all products. The steel shaft and aluminium shaft is delivered with the CE mark and declaration of performance. This guarantees tested products made by renown manufacturers. Profile M 18/76 can be produced in many standard sheet thicknesses and colour shades. In addition, individual special colours are available at our customer's requests. Corrugated plates made from steel and aluminium made by the manufacturer Münker Metallprofile GmbH.