Trapezoidal profile M 40KD/333

The M 40KD/333 is a specially designed roof sheet, which is characterized by its support foot. The longitudinal edge of this roof profile is significantly more stable. When mounting roof sheets, it is important that the fitters have foothold on the roof. The support foot of the roof profile M 40KD/333 prevent that the sheet is not dented, if an installer comes on the overlapping joint.

Avoiding leaks caused by incorrect fitting screws and use our roof profile M 40KD/333.

The support foot of the M 40KD/333 also offers an advantage for the screwing. The roof profile cannot push away down during the fitting. Hereby, the screws can be screwed in faster and more perpendicularly than with comparable profiles. The sealing disc and screw head are flat on the roof profile and are therefore permanently consistent.

Should it be necessary to exhaust the span and the load capacity of the roof profile M 40KD/333, then allows this profile nevertheless a permanent sealing longitudinal edges.

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Trapezoidal profile M 40KD/333

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  • 3000
  • 5010
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  • Trapezoidal steel sheet in accordance with EN 1993-1-3
  • Corrosion protection in accordance with DIN 55928/DIN EN 10346
  • Use as a roof profile in a negative position
  • Production lengths 2000 mm - 24300 mm
  • Other lengths on request

Strengths for steel

  • 0,63 mm
  • 0,75 mm
  • 0,88 mm
  • 1,00 mm


  • Transparent panels
  • Anti-condensation fleece