Transparent panels

Transparent panels for trapezoidal profiles and corrugated profiles

Transparent panels made from PVC, polycarbonate or polyester are transparent plastic sheets and bring daylight into the building. The shape of the transparent panel suits the geometry of our trapezoidal profiles and corrugated profiles. Therefore, the plastic transparent panels can be integrated into a roof and a façade easily. Depending on the material and its strength, acceptable span widths can be reached according to shape and height of profile. However, the following generally applies for profile sheets made from plastic: transparent panels are not accessible.

Think of your safety - transparent roofing sheets are not accessible.

Transparent roofing sheets can be obtained in variant qualities. Insist on basic states when selecting. Transparent roofing sheets should be surface-finished or have a UV protection film, should be temperature-, impact- and hail-resistant, low-flammable and produce non-burning droplets in case of fire. The material properties of PVC transparent roofing sheets, polyester profiles or polycarbonate plates only bear low loads. They must not be walked on during assembly and later revisions.