Steel cassette profiles, cassette profiles, cassette wall

Steel cassette profiles as load-bearing internal wall for industrial construction

The steel cassette wall can be used in nearly all areas in industrial construction. For this purpose, a horizontally laid steel box profile is built in as internal wall, which can include an insulation as well due to its constructive characteristics. In connection with an external leaf made from steel trapezoidal profiles or corrugated profiles, the thermally insulated brick partition and the shelter against the weather of the wall is created. We offer steel cassette with design heights of 100 - 240 mm. On demand, acoustic cassettes can be made as well.

Münker as manufacturer of steel cassette profiles provides quality. Our cassette profiles come along with structural approvals.

In their function as load-bearing internal walls, steel cassette profiles are stretched from one support to the other and replace the horizontally laid wall rails. Cassette walls appear especially light and smooth on the inner surface and they are only slightly corrugated. Corrugated profiles or trapezoidal profiles are used as wall facing of the cassette wall. Designs of lightweight metal construction walls made from steel cassettes with mineral rock wool insulation and a front-wall shell made from steel or aluminium sectional sheet meet special acoustic and fire protection requirements. Steel cassettes from the manufacturer Münker Metallprofile GmbH.