From the beginnings of Münker Metallprofile GmbH to the present day.


Company founded as Frank-Udo Münker Stahl-, Dach- und Wandelemente in Kreuztal-Littfeld, Germany.

The selling of steel trapezoidal profiles and accessories.


Relocation to Kreuztal-Mitte. Production of company’s own SI 18 profile at the new production site in Heugraben.


Changing of the legal status from Frank-Udo Münker Stahl-, Dach- und Wandelementen to Münker Metallprofile GmbH.


Production expansions by acquiring numerous moulding facilities. Initially, production of the profiles 
M 30/220,
M 35/207 and M 40/183.


Expansion by building a new production facility measuring 3,800 m².


Construction and occupation of a new production facility in Kreuztal-Krombach with 3,800 m² of production
space. Moving into the new premises. Relocation of the facilities and all 19 members of staff.


Expansion of the product range with the profile M 135.1/310.


Expansion by building a new production facility measuring 4,600 m². Additionally, inclusion of new profiles
M 40/333 and M 40KD/333 in the product range.


Acquisition of a high-performance moulding facility for the profiles M 85/280, M 100/275, M 150/280 and

M 160/250: now Münker offers all the standard trapezoidal profiles currently available!


Acquisition of 8.5 ha of commercial space in Reichshof-Wehnrath. Construction of a production facility
measuring 24,000 m² plus 1,200 m² of office and social space. Complete abandonment of the “old” site
in Kreuztal-Krombach.


Relocation of the whole company and all facilities to Reichshof-Wehnrath. Occupation of a three-storey
office building with 1,000 m² of space.


Purchase of adjacent land and new construction of a hall of approx. 8.000 m² (production and storage
of steel box profiles).


The Münker Metallprofile GmbH product range now extends from the trapezoidal profiles M 20/220 to 

M 206/375 and from M 100/600 to M 240/600 for cassettes. Also, sale of transparent panels and manufacture
of flashings.


End of production of profile M 20/220. Replacement purchase of profile M 20/210 and expansion of
production of sinus profile 
(corrugated profile) M 18/76. The profile is made in steel
and aluminium.